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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heaven is.....

Heaven is....spending time with my 5 babies....outside in the warm weather, watching them play together, showing me how much they enjoy the gift of just having each other. 

Heaven is....stealing kisses and hugs and I love yous whenever I can find the chance.

Heaven is....sitting on a blanket cross stitching while my kids have the time of their life splashing around in a 30 dollar pool. 

Heaven is....hearing the chimes go off in our yard as a light breeze passes through. 

Heaven is...watching my older kids push the twins around in their cozy coupes. 

Heaven is...watching 3 oldest kids ride their bikes around with no training wheels now (GO Caden!)

Heaven is...kissing booboos and watching tears turn to smiles.

Heaven is...being around 5 people all day who are oblivious to the dangers and scariness of the next few weeks. 

Heaven is...being around 5 people so extremely excited about a new baby brother. 

Heaven is...feeling someone hiccuping and kicking from within, knowing those kicks and hiccups have gotten MUCH stronger this last 5 weeks. 

Heaven is....having been able to spend another 5 weeks with  my babies, out of the hospital. 

Heaven is...having been able to give this baby boy 5 more weeks inside me.

Heaven is....having family and friends show their love and care for us in small, yet special ways. 

Heaven is...hearing that a few Churches are praying for us and that friends and family continue to pray for us as well. 
Heaven is...seeing the joy light up in the kids' eyes when my husband up at our house in his Mcdonald's truck for a quick visit while in the area. 

Heaven is....having a husband that knows me like he knows himself and that makes me feel like the most special person in the world. 

Heaven is....having a husband that adores all these children as much as I do. 

Heaven is...having God on our side, no matter how scary this journey may be. 

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  1. Just stopping by to see how you're doing, Melissa. I love what you've written here.