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Friday, May 21, 2010

34 weeks TODAY!

Never thought I would see 34 weeks with this pregnancy.  What a huge blessing that I have finally reached such an amazing milestone.  If Ansen was born now, he would do fabulous....his lungs would be pretty darn close/if not fully matured by now, and he would be over 5 lbs.  Its amazing that this baby kicking up a storm inside me this morning is the same one they told that was a "bad one"...the one that was almost certainly miscarrying. 

Today I am having a "really excited to think about meeting Ansen/having him in our family forever" kind of morning.  That first moment I get to hold him, I am going to cry buckets of tears for sure.  And I am never going to want to let him go-I can just about guarantee that. I can't wait to see what he looks like.  Kylie has dreamed about him having brown hair.  If he does have brown hair, will he follow the "cloned" version of our other 2 brunettes here (bald at birth with their kewpie doll face), or will he switch it up, and have Doug's face with lots of brown hair??   Will he come out totally difrerent looking, be a blondie-or a totally different model alltogether??  In ultrasound, I have been able to see glimpses of his full cheeks and lips, so that is basically all I can guarantee right now.  I just can't wait to see his little face and take it all in!!!  I want to meet the little boy that has lived in my heart for so long, meet the little boy that has fought for his life from the start, meet the little boy that I have fought so hard for.  Everyone will want to meet him,  but I can't promise it will be easy to pry him out of my arms once he is finally where he should be-safe in my arms AND safe in this world!

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