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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day, another appt....

Went to maternal/fetal dr yesterday and he was convinced I had misunderstood the oncologist, bc what I was saying went against what he and his team of perintalogists had planned on. EXACTLY!   So now he is going to give her a call and see what is up and clarify with what she told me.  I "can't wait" to see what comes out of this.  I am sure absolutely, positively nothing.  Pardon my pessimism at the moment.  I just start worrying everyone is going to show up at my surgery, only to flip a coin to decide what they are doing.  Honestly, I just want my doctors to open me up, look at what they are facing and decide as a team what is the best mode of treatment in my best interest (and yes, I think my desire NOT to want placenta left in me should at least be considered in the grand scheme of what is going on in there).  But obviously, I am past the point now of just running away from this all.  In 18 days 17 days 16 days, I will have to check in, let them put me to sleep and basically let them do whatever to me....all in the hopes that Ansen and I come out of this in the best condition possible.

Heading off to urologist today.  Which will be a waste of my time if the oncologist is planning on just leaving placenta in me.  The urologist will be at my surgery bc of the suspected percreta....if placenta is adhered to my bladder (and they decided to take the whole thing out, instead of just leaving it all in me as oncologist has preferred), they will need to disect that part of my bladder and put the rest of it back together again.  I already know most of what I will be told today.  If this plan of action occurs, I will need a catheter for 1.5-2 weeks while bladder recovers.   That part will certainly NOT be fun at all, but in the end, I should end up with a smaller, but still very functional bladder.

My parents have to come babysit and my mother in law needs to bring me, all bc Doug is working.  I told Doug to work today though, bc I have been all weekend that he should be home tomorrow....but now his work already put him on the schedule to work tomorrow as well.  Hopefully, wanting him home tomorrow was more wishful then anything else....


  1. Praying that your doctors will have some clarity and unity of thought, and that they will convey that to you and give you more peace and less frustration.

    Love ya Cuz!

  2. I'm in the Nov 07 DDC and I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and checking up here to see how things are. Hang in there. I can't even imagine how difficult this whole experience is. Big hugs.

  3. Thanks to you both for the thoughts and prayers. We greatly appreciate them.