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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We'll never forget our 30th birthday...

Doug and I share a birthday, same day, same year, same hospital.  Yesterday was the day that we turned 30.  I was adament that I wanted to be home from hospital on my 30th birthday...and I was.  But what. a. doozy.  First, I was bored out of my mind on bedrest, and then Elise started saying her tummy hurt.  And she started throwing up over and over and over again.  Then an hour later, Gavin is throwing up repeatedly.  An hour later, Caden is throwing up repeatedly.  And then all the sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I threw up and threw up...and then threw up even more.  The first 6 to 8 times, I was still doing okay, but then I started to feel REALLY bad.  Shaky, cold sweats, like I was going to pass out.  And some spotting started.  For 12 hours, I threw up.  I was feeling myself getting dehydrated, but I would drink and drink after I threw up, never pee, and 45 minutes-1 hour later, throw it ALL back up.  I have NEVER had a stomach bug that severe in my whole life.  I called my maternal/fetal doctor twice during the night and the 2nd time they told me to come in for fluids.  Of course, that moment that I needed to go to hospital and I couldn't drive myself, then it decided to hit Doug fast and hard, followed by Kylie.  My mom called out of work and brought me in at 6 am this morning.  I was so weak and naseous.  I had so many ketones in my urine that I ended up getting 3 full bags of fluid and some zophran/m???  I am now home....again....with lots of brown spotting (all that throwing up didn't help matters at all) but since its not red, I don't have to be back at hospital just yet.  I still feel like I was hit by a truck.  All of us are lying around, lethargic and weak.  Good times.  Nope, won't be forgetting that magical 30th birthday of ours.  How could we?

I am getting very bummed about how poorly things have gone in this last week.  And now I am just sitting around, bored out of my mind AND now feeling weak and nauseated, feeling like a ticking timebomb, that could bleed again at any time.  Its only a matter of time before I am sent back to the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy.  Why did we have to get hit with a severe stomach bug, not even 24 hours after I got home???  Why is everything going wrong??  Doug goes back to work on work as long as he can until I end up back in hospital.  If/when that time comes, he will have to use FMLA.  We have no other options-Doug's schedule is insane, having him out of the house 5 nights a week.  Who is going to practically live with our kids full time for weeks??  So that is what we have decided and I have some peace that the kids won't have their lives totally ruined if I had to be hospitalized.   I keep hoping there is a light at the end of this L O N G, difficult to travel, tunnel.  I am still hoping for our happy ending.  Its just VERY hard at times to remain optimistic when it feels like we are continually being beat down by life this last bunch of months... and our birthday was just the icing on the "cake" for the time being (although who am I kidding-there was no cake yesterday...we were WAY too sick for cake).  *sigh*

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