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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dwelling on the positive today....

Today I am going to think of all the fun things we are going to try to do this summer once this nightmarish delivery is past and we are enjoying our family of 8!  I am so excited that our family will finally be COMPLETE.  And now we can move on to experiencing life with our crew.  I just love my kids so much and I want to give them tons of experiences to enjoy this beautiful world around us.  I know they are going to grow up SOOOOO fast on me, and I want to make the most of every minute we have together as a family! 

I have a lot of things I want to do, but the biggest on my list is to take a camping trip or two this summer.  I figure after I am recovered, it shouldn't be *that* tough to bring a nursing baby out anywhere.  Famous last words, right?  lol  I got a nursing cover, so I am excited to be out and about this time, only nursing a singleton.  Nursing twins  took over my life-its going to be a vacation only nursing one!  The kids LOVE the outdoors and there is a campground located right near the beach that I really want to try out. I have friends that spend weeks up there.  I don't want our summer to be sitting in the ac, watching tv.  When the kids are stuck inside the house, they are jumping off the walls,  Outside, they are running and playing, and exploring nature, and NEVER want to go in.  We have loved camping in past years, but we have let our busy life get in the way too often in the last few years.   I want to get in as many of these "we never seem to have/make time for these kinds of things" experiences this summer/fall...and every spring/summer/fall after (maybe even one year, I could learn to appreciate these freezing cold, snowy winters that I personally do not love very much.)  This experience has taught me to SLOW DOWN.  Life is too short as it is, and most of life's busy-ness adds little to no value to our life.  

This summer, we would love to spend at least a few days at our favorite place in Maine as well.  Usually we spend a whole week there in June (when rates are the cheapest), but obviously this year, that is very OUT of the question for June.  Instead, hoepfully we can go up beginning of September maybe....maybe even end of August.  The kids want to go boogey boarding and crab fishing and swimming and play on the beach.  And I can't wait to enjoy the sights and smells and sounds of the ocean.  Awwww, bliss!!! 

One last thing I want to do is spend LOTS of time out and about at local parks.  We have one within a mile of our house with a swimming pond that I know the kids would love.  Another one with a waterfall/stream that is not even 7 minutes away.   Yet another one with a duck pond.  I want to picnic it for lunch and get out as much as we can (this is after giving myself a little bit of recovery time of course).  I have had ENOUGH of being stuck in this house.  We have all this free (or nearly free) fun surrounding us, and I plan to take full advantage of it. 

Oh, and we do have some free Six Flags tickets (well for most of us) that I guess we will have to use at one time or another.  Funny enough, I am not looking as forward to that as I am all these other things. I know Six Flags will be hot and busy and loud and crowded and EXPENSIVE (free passes or not).  The thought of Six Flags gives me little to no thrill, but the kids have been really wanting to see what its all about (since it IS located within the same town that we live in-talk about torture, driving by it all the time!)   Guess we will have to throw that somewhere in our near future plans.

So much to look forward to this summer/fall.  Its hard to picture Ansen being here...I have spent so much of this pregnancy doubting that he would actually make it into this world that its going to be very surreal to me when he IS here, part of our family, and in my arms.  When I think of the first moment I will see him, I start to cry.  Every time.  After all we have gone through....its hard to imagine we might actually accomplish that impossible feat.  I can't wait to have all SIX of my children together for the first time...and then for us to enjoy all our days together every day after!   Definately need to focus on that goal; gotta keep those down days from ruining my spirit.  I NEED to focus on potential positives in the making-there is a much better chance that bc my doctors are fully aware of my situation, that I will be enjoying the positives rather then the negatives.  Positive thinking is a must!

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  1. Hey there Melissa! Just checking in and seeing how you are doing. What a sweet post! Keep thinking about those wonderful days ahead with all your sweet children. I have always wanted to do the camping thing with our crew as they love to be outside. Where in Maine do you like to go? Love and prayers cuz!