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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tiny little updates and another picture

Had my 3 hour GTT again...and passed it again!!!  YEAH!!  I was worried bc I was much more nauseous this time after the drink, but I still passed.  If I HAD had gestational diabetes, it would have made things much trickier when it came to delivering Ansen early, just bc GD effects/slows organ development and they are planning on deliveirng Ansen no later then 36 weeks.  One less thing to worry about.  Phewwww.

Had another ultrasound today, just to check on Ansen and he continues to do well, despite everything going on.  He was sleeping with his face smooshed up against my placenta...his soft, cozy pillow I guess.  I got a great profile pic and I have been analyzing who he looks like.  I still have no idea though.  My placenta is such a mess in there, its along the whole bottom of my uterus and it just looks terribly looks liked its piled up on itself (not spread out like a normal placenta) and I am very surprised that it is working as well as it is.  I had a new tech and she took one look and was like "augh, thats not moving...have you been checked for acreta?"  Anyways, I have another appointment with doctor and and another ultrasound in 5 days...I am glad I am being watched so closely, just bc I feel like a ticking time bomb.  Yesterday and today have been pretty  normal though, no funky issues going on with me...and it gives me hope that *maybe* I can make it to 36 weeks....maybe???

Anyways, here is my newest profile pic of Ansen, taken today at 28 weeks, 5 days.  I am SOOOOOOO excited to be days away from 29 weeks...getting closer and closer to 30 weeks each and every day.  Thank you God!


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