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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Uterus is NOT happy today....

For some reason, the LONG ride we went on today did not make my uterus too happy, I go for rides all the time, and Doug had to take his EMT test today, so we decided to all go the ride and wait for him in the van while he was actually taking test.  I don't know if it was the bumpy roads we hit, or what...but I had to take my contrax meds out there (and I was kinda freaking out about the thought of me suddenly needing to go to hospital, just bc we were a decent distance away from hospital).  They calmed down, but then picked right back up at about I took my 2nd and last dose of meds I am allowed for the day.  I am kinda nervous about them coming back again.  If they do, I have to go back to hospital tonight.  *sigh*  Tomorrow morning, I have an ultrasound and appointment anyways, so I would MUCH rather just make it til then.   Hoping my uterus will just CHILL OUT for the rest of the day now. 

Tomorrow I am going to ask about delivering at 34 weeks, and tell them that Doug and I have decided that I will probably check in to hospital at 32 weeks.  32 weeks seems to be the average time that these incretas/percretas take a turn for the worst, and I just want to be right at the hospital as I get closer and closer to this delivery.  Augh.  The delivery I want no part of right now.  Anyways, we will see what happens tomorrow.  Wondering if I will get to go home after my apppointment, after how last week's went....we'll see.

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