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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*sigh of relief*

2 days away from 26 weeks.  Viability.  This last 6 months, I have been holding my breath, wondering if there would a baby at the end of this journey.  As we reach this important milestone, it starts now to seem much more likely that all this craziness might actually be worth it.  Honestly, its hard to believe how far we have come...and although the road ahead is still at times quite scary, the fact that there might actually be a live baby at the end of this really starts to give me hope. Every week after now will be a huge blessing to Ansen and to me.  Each week will be a week to celebrate.  And to let Ansen grow bigger and stronger.  Thank you God for helping us get this far...and hopefully a bit farther yet. 

Ultrasound/appointment on Monday.  I am hoping that my ultrasound shows little/no change OR by some miracle, placenta/uterus border might show up better then it did last ultrasound, which would be a better diagnosis.  *Crossing my fingers* and hoping really hard. 

Enjoying my lack of internet at home, just bc I am getting SOOOOOOO much done.  Its nice not to have the temptation much as I miss having 24/7 internet of course.  Will be back to update after my appointment on Monday!   

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