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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving day today!

Since I am pretty much useless with my placenta previa/acreta, I am soley responsible for keeping the kids out of both houses today for the big move.  Going to spend the day out and about, probably a good part of it at the park.  Just hoping that this move can go smoother then its gone so far.  All the extra expenses of the move are adding up and we do NOT need any more surprises (like our electrical/plumbing/toilet/microwave/dishwasher/freezer surprises).  *sigh* 

Not sure when we will have cable or internet at other house, and I am actually debating GETTING internet again.  I spend too much time on the internet.  Since I have a laptop that can go anywhere there is free wi-fi, I am considering doing my internet twice a week out and about instead.  I just don't get much on my todolist accomplished since I got this laptop for Christmas.  Yep, I am an addict.  I am doing nothing productive with my internet time...just a lot of time wastage going on here.  And I never feel good about it at the end of the night, when another day has gone by with little to nada accomplished.  So thinking of giving it a month, and seeing if twice a week internet excursions will give me enough of an internet fix. 

Will definately update when I have my next appointment, March 29th.  Hoping its not a terrible ultrasound...would love if my placenta looks the same/if not better at this ultrasound.  *crossing fingers*  Lots of questions to ask dr too.  Lots of stuff happening, so much to do, and kids to get OUT of the house right now!  Adios!

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  1. WHAT???!!! You are moving AGAIN? Boy have I missed a lot. =( Keep in touch!

    Jenn M.