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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Living each day to the fullest...

 But really, the truth is, neither you, nor I have been promised another minute.
Someone mentioned this to me, and I have been thinking about it a lot lately.  And its absolutely, positively true.  I need to stop focusing on the "what ifs" 3 months from now, and instead focus on today.  Yesterday morning, my grandfather was alive, and as night hit, he was not.  Life is so short and fleeting, And there is no "buzzer" that goes off when your time is over.  I need to see and appreciate each day in front of me as a blessing and an opportunity to make memories.  I need to stop ruining my today, worrying about tomorrow.  Who knows if tomorrow will come...for any of us? 

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  1. Today is the only reality we have, right now actually. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is an idea, a hope, but not a reality yet, and when it becomes a reality it too will be "right now". I too have wasted too much of my life worrying about what I've done wrong or what might happen. Time to live!