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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fighting illness here...

being sick really reminds us how much we appreciate our health.  All of us have this horrid cough and mine turned into bronchitis.  Burning lungs, wheezy, getting nowhere cough...I really thought I would have my water prematurely break or I might start my placenta previa/acreta bleeding with all the hard coughing I did the last 5 days.  I am STILL coughing, but my body is finally winning this battle...and my cough is finally mostly productive. 

Now to add the fun, Rylan now has it...last but not least.  His asthma has already started flaring up since he showed signs of getting this cough last night.  We have started the abuterol treatments every 4 hours and I am just waiting and hoping he doesn't get too bad too quickly.  Its been months since he has had a bad asthma flareup, but considering how badly I got this, I will be surprised if he doesn't get it as bad, if not worse.  I can't even bring him to the doctors yet, just bc he is not that bad yet.  Last time I brought him in as a precaution (when he was just needing abuterol every 4 hours like now), they did nothing but send me home and tell me to watch him...and I ended up in the ER that night.  For some reason, he always gets really bad when night hits.  And since Doug is gone til tomorrow, makes me NOT look forward to the night at all.  *sigh*

Hopefully we will be back to enjoying our health REALLY soon.  Its supposed to be gorgeous out today, and I am not even sure if we should go out.  I always like to stay near our nebulizer when Rylan's asthma rears its ugly head.  Guess we will, like always, just have to wait and see.  My favorite past time....

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