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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We are in the midst of packing and moving...back to our OLD house.  Yep, thats us who must secretly love to move.  We turned our lives upside down about 7 months ago, only to be moving back to our house 7 months later, with me being 6 months pregnant and pretty useless with my placenta previa/acreta.  The kids are SOOOOOO excited about being back in their house they loved though...and so am I!  Thank goodness our house didn't sell or rent out...funny how things can seem so to be going so wrong and so unfairly at one time, only to be a huge benefit to us in the end.  If thats not a sign that we are being taken care, I don't know what is. 

Kids' rooms/toys are packed and moved (minus bunk beds that will be disassembled/reassembled by the bunk bed experts), and most of bathroom is packed up and moved.  Today, I work on school books/school stuff/coloring books/puzzles/etc and maybe some kitchen stuff as well.  I feel really pressed to get moved as soon as possible...just bc as I get more and more pregnant, I am at more and more risk for bleeding and other complications thanks to the previa/acreta.   It feels like I am a ticking time bomb and I hate that.  Not exactly the final pregnancy I was dreaming about, thats for sure.  Bur if rhis is the way Ansen is meant to get here, so be it.  9 months of hell is worth a lifetime of joy. 

If I get enough accomplished this morning, hopefully we can spend the rest of the day enjoying the warmer then usual pre-spring temps of 55.  Thats practically shorts weather in New England!

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  1. Wow Melissa, no kidding huh? Moving to the old house!! Well I am glad that is still an option for you after all of this time. WHEW!! Just think, now you can set up your school room and enjoy your house. If the yard isn't all you wish it was at least there are great parks all around. Maybe that is the distance you need to parent your children the way you desire. =)