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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the fun never ends.....

Ansen is doing well.  He is on 1/4 liter canula and *might* be off canula by tomorrow.  He is also up to 48cc's a feeding (through tube down his nose) and will be on enough by tonight to get his IV out by tomorrow.  That means he can move over to the graduate (continuing care) nursery, where he will simply need to work on taking all his feeds by mouth.  I have yet to get to attempt nursing him and I am getting really nervous about it.  Eating really takes a lot out of him.  I hope that I can still make nursing work for us.  I LOATHE pumping, but have been pumping around the clock for the last 2 weeks, hoping that we would be able to transition to breastfeeding.  Ansen is such a sweet, calm baby though.  He just loves to snooze in my arms, and there is nothing more relaxing in tihe world then to lay back in the NICU chair with him on my chest.  Its heavenly. 

I have had a 4 day migraine now, that I am assuming was set off by all the lights in the NICU (especially those darn bili-lights, that you can't help but stare at).  Motrin is keeping the edge off my headache...hoping I can wake up tomorrow and have it finally gone! 

Another bit of excitment is that part of my incision is opened up.  That part never healed right to begin with (looked awful near belly button once they unbandaged it).  They told me it was a hematoma.  Well I called up yesterday bc it was STILL draining like crazy, and when I went in, Dr. H said "well that doesn't look good".  NOT what you want to hear.  So I guess there is a hole, like in my abdomen.  Only about one inch long and one inch deep.  So now I have a visiting nurse coming to house twice a day to pack this 1 inch part of my incision...and teaching Doug how to do it so they can come less often.  I just want to feel healed and normal again.  But I keep reminding myself to be thankful that the surgery was successful and that the other ~13  inches of my incision looks fabulous.    I have been ordered to eat lots of protein, drink lots of water, and rest so that this last part of my incision will heal up quickly.  I hope so!!!

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary.  Although it may appear crappy (especially when our anniversary day is spent having Doug learn to pack a hole in my abdomen),in retrspect, we are just so thrilled that everything went well enough that we are able to celebrate together the day that we became a family.  And what a family we have grown into.  Even with Ansen still being in the hospital, we still feel so blessed.  Soon enough, our family of eight will be able to move on from all this, and simply enjoy life and each other (hopefully WITHOUT a hole in my abdomen..... )!

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