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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My amazing co-coach and our team :)

Just thinking about our family, and I feel so lucky that I have the husband I do.  It feels so surreal that I could have possible met him 14+ years ago, as a 15 year old and that I had the insight at the time to see and appreciate the specialness in him!!  He is certainly NOT the one that got away!  I made sure of that!! I knew from the start that he was special and as I got to know him more and more, I knew he would be an great husband and a great daddy.  And he has ultimately proved me wrong.   I thought he would be great, but he has proved to be amazing....BEYOND amazing...beyond words to describe the daddy/husband he has grown to be.  His father wasn't that great of a father, so he had no great influence to follow the footsteps of...but he still found his way.

Yesterday, he made me want to cry.  We were heading out for a ride.  And I was sitting in the front seat and he had buckled the twins and my niece in.  He ran back inside the house all the sudden, and I sat there wondering what he had forgotten.  Moments later, he came out, with him arms full of 2 mermaids "mermees", an elephant "ellie", a truck, and 2 blankies "kikis".  The kids were all yelling YEAH and so excited.  He had brought all their favorites for our ride.  And these favorites were spilling out of his arms as he walked towards the van.  And that moment, that simple moment, was better then the moment when I was at one end of the aisle and he was at the other, waiting to be married.  Bc with those little considerations, he shows me how precious our children...the children WE made together...are to his life.  Those moments make me fall in love with him all over again. 

And bc of him, we make an incredible team.  He is my co-coach in life and our family.  And our 5.5 kids are our team members.  All 7.5 of us together make up an awesome team!  I feel so incredibly lucky.  Sometimes it feels too good to be true.  And we have our struggles with life, no doubt.  Life throws us all curveballs here and there-its no Camelot.   But we have each other and our children, and that makes our life feel fulfilling, no matter how hard the season of our life may be at the time. 

So many people have told us in the last few years that we NEED TO get away.  For the sake of  marriage.  Bc for some reason, everyone feels like they need a vacation away from their family to feel connected again?  My husband and I always shake our heads at this advice.  We are happy and we feel as connected as ever.  We have busy lives, but we have NEVER felt the need to be apart from our children-they are a part of who we are and being with them makes us happy.  And we have PLENTY of alone time, contrary to other's beliefs.   Our kids go to bed at 6:30 pm.   Almost every night, we are awarded our date night once 7 pm arrives.  We get to spend our own time together, as a couple, enjoying each other's company, talking about our days and our dreams; all with our most precious assets sleeping peacefully in the other room. 

Yep, I feel lucky to be on this team.  And to have the amazing co-coach I do.  Thank you God for that day almost 30 years ago, when we were both born (12 hours apart) and thank you for crossing our paths again 15 years later...ultimately leading us to the life we live now and the team we have created together.  :)


  1. I just read your "team" comment you posted on MWOP and really liked it - we think along the same lines here as well. I wanted to read more of what you had to say!

    Your children and beautiful. How nice to see a mother with young children so focussed on them as the blessings they are.


  2. * sorry, that should have read "your children ARE beautiful" !

  3. thank you! the "you need to put your husband in front of your family" comments always get me riled up each and every time. I just don't get it-plain and simple. The problem with this world is that SOOOOO many people have a laundry list of things that are "supposedly" more important then their own children. *sigh*