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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sugar tests....

Since I complained at my last appointment about being nauseous in the morning and not feeling any better after I ate carbs, I won myself an early trip for a 1 hour glucose test.  Which I failed.  Was not all that thrilled by that, since the drink was AWFUL the first time around.  They used to give you a soda like orange beverage.  A little too sweet maybe, but tolerable.  This time, it was a thick, orange syrup.  It got worse EVERY sip.  Who can drink 10 oz of syrup in 5 minutes (without losing it).  Augh.  So I was SUPER THRILLED to get to go in and do the 3 hour glucose test, with a syrup drink TWICE as sweet, and to get my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours.  Super fun!!! 

There were 4 of us there for a glucose test.  Only one other was pregnant.  I talked to the phlebotomist who took my fasting blood sugar and gave me the drink-and told her they should NOT have switched from the soda drink!  She agreed and said they had all been complaining about the switch, bc they were the one that had to clean up after this test (aka those who couldn't keep the sweet, thick syrup down).  I just kept swigging it while trying not to taste it (the impossible task).  Towards the end, I was gagging...but I refused to be one that she would have to clean up after.  FINALLY, it was gone and it was pretty smooth sailing after that.  Every hour I got called in to get another blood sample.  And during the time in between, I picked out some curriculum for next year and got a little more work down on a project I am making for a friend.  I had a comfy recliner and it was SOOOOO quiet...dare I say it was actually relaxing (besides that orange drink *shiver*.)  I don't get much time like that ever during my days and at nights, I am exhausted!

Got my test results back that afternoon.  I passed.  It was a 4 part test, and I had elevated blood sugar levels at only one part-had to fail two parts or more to officially fail.  Thank goodness.  Oh and I have to take the test again in 6 weeks.  Dang it all!  I might just ask to go right to the 3 hour test again.   Regardless, I am going to have to drink that horrid orange syrup...AGAIN.  And most likely I will fail the one hour....AGAIN.  At least there are the recliners...right??  The stuff we go through to bring these babies into the world!

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