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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FINALLY feeling done.

I always wondered if that "done" feeling was a myth.   You see, basically everyone else in the world has 2 or maybe 3 children...and then magically felt "done".  And I had 2 children, then 3 children...and felt FAR from done.  Then I had 5 children...and still didn't feel done.  Maybe I was broken?? Maybe I would never feel "done"? 

Well, I can say with confidence that I 100%, no ifs ands or but, certainly feel "done" now.  This pregnancy has been nothing short of stressful, and I am just feeling really run down by pregnancy.  I am done with the pregnancy dreams and the hot flashes and the cravings and the achiness and the heartburn and the indigestion.  But most importantly, I feel good about being a mom to 6 children.  Its a nice even number, so I won't have someone always left out.  And 6 kids just feels right. I wanted a big family and half a dozen kids IS my big family.  6 kids is enough that we can still provide for them what they need, we can still sleep them comfortably in our house, and we can still take them out and about without too huge of a production.  Our house will never be quiet with 6 kids and we like it that way.  Although, maybe just a little quiet would be nice from time to time.  I am content.  I feel blessed to have been given these 6 little lives to take care of, these 6 little lives to teach, these 6 little lives to love!!  I can finally see myself tying my tubes and not having the deep regret I would have had a couple kids ago.  I feel so happy to know what that "done" feeling actually FEELS like...the feeling that I didn't believe really existed for a while.  Although I will certainly miss parts of this closing chapter in my life, I look forward to the new chapter our family is begining! :)


  1. good to know you feel done... i have 3 kids and don't feel done yet. i am hoping i will feel done after we have a 4th b/c that is our limit. good luck to you!!!!

  2. I envy you! I have three children and I don't think I will ever feel done. 40 is closing in fast and pair that with a husband who has long felt done...there will be no more!

  3. I HONESTLY didn't feel like I would ever feel done. Its a scary feeling think you are going to have that longing in your heart forever! I don't know anyone else who felt like there was still someone missing after 5 kids...I felt like a super oddball for a long time as well! Just so happy to finally have that contentness I have been searching for for what seemed like FOREVER...and I will hope really hard that you both can find that same feeling in your hearts as well!