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Friday, February 12, 2010

Homeschooling fun!!!

Well this morning, I decided to take the kids out for donut holes.  I had a coupon.  And I needed an egg and cheese sandwich for Ansen.  All the boy wants and makes me crave is eggs!!!! 

So we went and got the donut holes, and then got my egg and cheese sandwich and parked in the McDonalds parking lot to eat.  The kids passed out donut holes to each other and we sat there and were watching the birds.  The kids begged to feed the birds, so we all saved tons of scraps and then took turns throwing them out to the growing crowd of birds!  We got to see the birds so closely (they refused to leave after we fed them).  We got to see these birds up close and personal and we talked about their yellowish/orange duck-webbed feet, and their white heads with grey spots, and their orange beak with a black stripe and their white bodies, with grey polka dots on head and great wings, with black ends of feathers with white polka dots. 

The kids were enthralled studying these birds and honestly, I have never looked closely at these birds myself, even though they are always around.  I guess you could call them a Western MA version of a seagull.  When we started feeding the one that was originally there, we also got to see how another sounded a call and then there were suddenly about 20.  The kids talked about what the birds might have said to another when the first call came.  And now, Kylie is writing a story about our trip to McDonalds, as well as about what the birds looked like-and both girls drew a picture of a bird with all the details (will have to add pics once my husband and his phone are home-since mine doesn't feel so well after its trip into a glass of milk). 

I love that we homeschool!  And I love that we can have these moments together.  When I look back in the van and see all my babies out and about with me, I just feel so content with our life.  And then we get these special moments to learn....which might seem like the most simple of things, yet I am 29 years old and before today, I could never have told you the details of what one of these birds looked like.  And now we can look up the bird and find out its name and more details about them.  We follow a curriculum normally, but many times these moments of learning from life itself can be so enriching to us as well!!   :)


  1. I love it...western ma seagull's so true except our gulls diets include Mcdonalds..and newly added dunkin donuts :-) instead of crabs and small fish..boy do those gull know how to live it up...

  2. love it!! we're a homeschooling family as well. ((well i just started out with our two oldest.)) but it's so fun! and so much more is learned outside of 'school' time.