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Monday, February 15, 2010

On my mind lately....

Well since I have finally accepted that our last is all boy and will definately stay that way, I have had many thoughts on my mind lately. 

First and foremost, I HATE shopping for baby boy clothing.  Its all so boring and blue.  WHY can't they put half the effort into creating cute boy's clothes that they do into creating adorable girl's stuff???   Its just not right.  I have gone shopping three times specifically for clothes for this baby (since our boy's clothing is for the wrong season-my 3 boys all having been born in November).  And from those 3 trips, I have picked out just 2 outfits...yep, 2 outfits alltogether.  Most of the time, I leave a store emptyhanded and just annoyed.  Its very frustruating!

On the other hand, I have been thinking about how good it will be to have a last little boy in our family.  With big sisters to dote on him, and brothers close in age to play with him.  It all will make sense with bedrooms once we move back (whole 'nother post).  My boys have all been very sweet and affectionate (albeit a bit crazy at times as well) and it will be nice to have another snuggler (my girls were really not so much into the snuggling-were very independent from an early age!)  My boys were all excellent breastfeeders also-they get that gene from my husband I guess. ;)  And can I just bring up the matching opportunties that I can pull off with 4 boys in a row.  That is, of course, if I can find some NON BLUE, NON BORING boy's clothing!

My girls were as upset as I was about not having a girl.  So I explained to them that we are only human and can't see the big picture like God does.  God sees the WHOLE picture, while we only see a glimpse of what life/this world is about.  Although, being human, we sometimes think that we know it all and that we can see it all.  As perfect as my dream fantasy of having a girl was in my head (and my girls' heads), God KNOWS that this boy will be the perfect completion to our family.  He has big plans for this little life, as he does all our lives.  I have trusted God this far getting me to this point and I feel content that although the boy's clothing might be TOO boring to bear, that this little man of mine will fill a void in my heart and bring a fulfilling completion to our family.   We are VERY grateful for your little life, baby Ansen, and we can't wait to meet you!!! 

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  1. as someone whose twin boys died, i'm thinking you are pretty lucky to have four boys...i would give *anything* have my babies here. anything.

    so maybe having to buy blue isn't that bad at all....