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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Will I get some answers at my appt???

Less then 12 hours til my appt at Brigham and Women's.  Will I get some answers, or will this be a big flop of help??  I am SOOOOOO afraid that I am going to go in, they will look at wound and say "well that all sounds normal" and send me on my way.  *sigh*  I just want answers and I want everything in me to stop dying.  Nurse put the wound vac on less then 24 hours ago and its starting to get that same vague odor to it-the dirty diaper one thats never good.  Its very faint, but thats how it starts.  Will there be something newly dead in there when they take this off for that 2nd opinion??  Augh.

SO I got my medical records and they didn't even put any lab/culture results in there.  I can't believe it...only one of the most important parts.  I found written in a part though that wound culture: enterococcus and tissue culture: streptococcus for my 1sr hospital stay post hysterectomy.  I am hoping that having those 2 bacteria names will be enough of a clue into this for now.  Enterococcus (from what I have read) is VERY resistent in antibiotics.  Wonderful.  And my daughter all the sudden has strep throat, out of the blue.  Is that a coincidence??   Is my body still fighting these bacterias?

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