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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I had to go back into hospital on the night before Elise's 6th birthday.  Brown sludge started coming out of my wound vac, and the wound started smelling again.  I was so sad that this was STILL not over yet.  I had Doug run out and get cupcakes for Elise, and we did a quick little birthday party for her, bc we didn't know if would be home at all that next day.  Elise said it was the best birthday ever.  She is just so happy, no matter what.  We headed off to the ER and it was a madhouse there, but they got me in really quick, which was a nice surprise.  I ended up seeing the dr I saw when I was 26 weeks pg with Ansen and in the hospital.  She is pretty young with dark hair and she is just very sweet.  She called oncologist and talked with her what to do and they decided to run blood tests, take out vacuum and put on a honey dressing (yep real honey) and wait til the morning til the wound specialist could take a look.  She took off vacuum (OWWWWW PAIN...sponge was so stuck in there and she really had to rip it out).  She said that almost all of wound looked fabulous, but there was a part at bottom that looked dark brown and not good (it ended up being that darn dead muscle).  Yep, it was liquifying and making its way out on its own.  So I had a room upstairs on the 6th floor of hospital....looked like something out of a Stephen King movie (usually I have stayed on the maternity part of hospital), but I got to stay with my baby and Doug, so all was good.  The next day, wound care dr looked at it, agreed that it was just that dead tissue from before and decided to do next week's surgery that day instead.  So I headed off to surgery pretty quickly.  I saw a lot of familiar faces in the pre-op (i have been there way too often this last month) and they all remembered.  Went through all the familiar put to sleep stuff and woke up IN PAIN!  I normally don't hurt much after these surgeries, but it felt like my skin was on fire and in pain.  I found out later that all the rest of the dead stuff was cleaned out and wound care dr wanted to put more back together then he did, but he couldn't bc the skin was just too thin the middle area.  The parts  he did get back together he definately had to stretch to do so and my skin was burning  bc of it!  For the rest, of it, I am going to have to have a skin graft to close.  *sigh*  Going to find out more about that Wednesday.  I can't believe it can't close, but then again, after needing to take 2 percocet every 4 hours for the first 1.5 days due to pain, I can believe it I guess.  The pain has finally chilled out again, and I only really need motrin for now.  ALthough tomorrow is another dreaded sponge change augh, so I will be popping those percocet again tomorrow for sure.  Above is stomach before and after July 9th.  The after picture my stomach is even more swollen from the just happened surgery, I swell up like crazy every time they cut into it.  *sigh*  Besides that, it doesn't really look THAT much different from these pics hole wise wise.  But from my view, hole looks smaller here.  I hope its less painful with the wound vac change.  I have visiting nurse coming tomorrow and then I go back to wound care center on Wednesday to find out the plan and have this sponge changed again.  I HATE having sponge  changed and I hate everyone digging in there.  :(  I just want everything to heal up normal sooner rather then later. 

And my little chunky monkey now weighs 8 lbs, 8 oz and is content just laying with his momma all day and night, nursing and sleeping.

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  1. I am still saying some prayers for you all...I pray it is all over for you soon.