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Saturday, July 3, 2010


well I had another surgery yesterday and they checked everything within me, they

removed a bit more, and my insides are looking healthy now. I still have a HUGE

open hole to my stomach that is absolutely disgusting to look at, and there is

this tight plastic wrap stuff over it with a vaccum attached to it that is

sucking out any kind of fluid. they tell me this will be completely healed in

6-8 weeks. Hard to believe now, but I am feeling good and just happy to be

home. I had to have a transfusion in hospital bc my hemoglobin was only 7. I

am now on iron pills at home as well. I have visiting nurses coming again to

take care of this, and then I have to go in for yet another surgery on

Wednesday, as an outpatient. Lord knows how many more times I will have to be

put under before all is said and done. The whole thing sucks, it has majorly

crushed my spirits at time, but I am still celebrating that after two life

threatening situations, I am still alive here. God must still have a plan for

me yet. And I look at Ansen and he is still my miracle baby. I would do it all

again for him, as hellacious as it has been. I have been told I have a REALLY

high pain tolerance, bc all I am taking right now is motrin. I am okay as long

as I don't look at my stomach. I might have my husband take a pic and one day

after I am ALL recovered, I will post it...although I am sure none of you would

want to see it. My kids wanted to see it and then just stood there in

horror...I have never seen my first son so quiet ever before.

Anyways, so thats how things are here. Just enjoying being with my family,

taking it easy, have to drink lots of water, eat lots of protein, and take my

antibiotics regularly. I can't fathom what my stomach will look like after all

is said and done....its hard to picture since there is that giant hole in it

right now. Oh well. Good thing I never cared much about it in the first

place....wasn't planning on wearing any bikinis this lifetime anyways. So that

is what is going on here. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers...really

appreciate them!


  1. thnaks for the update. Always keeping you in our prayers and thinking of you all.

  2. How terribly frightening and horrible. Your so strong and brave. Glad you are home now at least. Rest well.