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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sweet relief...and udder covers ;)

Well we got the results back a few days ago and THANKFULLY my mermaid toting, little blondie has completely normal white blood cells, that were heading back downward towards normal again!!   Thank you God!  I was really freaked out for a couple days, considering the worst case scenario.  My heart aches for any families that DO get that diagnosis. 

So today I took the plunge and bought something for baby...?  Well for me actually...?  Well for baby AND me I guess, since it would benefit us both!   Its called an udder cover and its a wearable nursing cover.  After nursing twins, it seems absolutely delightful that I might be able to actually discreetly nurse a singleton in public nevertheless!   With the twins, there was no taking turns.  When one wanted to be fed when we were out, suddenly both were ravenous.  And I gotta tell you that I have yet to find a way to have BOTH sides out AND be discreet.  I didn't go out much when the twins were under 6 months, and even after that I could only go out for 2 hours at a time before I had to get home and pretty much rip off my shirt and let them feast.  Here is a pic of me feeding my twins, so you can see how UNdiscreet it actually is.  Actually, perhaps that might be a bit too explicit to share.  Good thing I have this pic of my 2nd daughter Elise, copying me pretty much to the last detail!  Behold, how to very UNdiscreetly breastfeed twins:

I actually sent this pic to Mothering Magazine and my bf'ing twins just like mom cutie got published!  One day, I must find my copy so I can embarass her in the future cherish it forever!  Anyways, you can see why the thought of NOT having to completely expose myself seems pretty darn exciting, and the fact that I might even be able to go out in the public for longer then 2 hours seems even more goodie good (a term stolen from my kids ;) ). 

So alas, my udder cover is on its way to my house.  I got a black one with what I think is white swirls.  Or white squiggles.  But it might be something completely opposite.  All I know is it is NOT mostly white...we don't do white in our house with all these kids.  Stains on white are my worst enemy and I have better luck throwing out a stained item then actually getting it to look normal again!

I am a wee bit nervous about buying something for the baby so early, just bc I might/probably still have that hemmorhage going on in there.  I wish I had gotten another ultrasound appointment to see what is going on with it after my 7 week ultrasound, but Dr. Doom and Gloom Dr. M didn't feel it was necessary to see me until 10.5 weeks.  I am 9 weeks tomorrow-yeah!  Still debating over what to do with the great ob debacle as well, but hoping that God will lead towards making the best choice possible. So now I wait again.....for my udder cover that is!   Nice to have something to wait for that is not as dire as the last months of waiting have been!  And I guess I will be waiting for my next appointment as well, if I end up not switching drs yet by then.  


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  1. I have the "hooter hider" cover too and love it! I can't imagine feeding 2 at once! How did u do it! Love checking with ur blog :)