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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

Once upon a time, there was a baby boy and a baby girl, both born on March 31st at the same hospital. 

God decided that day that these two babies would one day meet again and join as one. 

15 years later, the boy met the girl at a first job for both....and they fell in love.

The girl went to college, the boy went into the army.

And their love grew and grew.

The boy and the girl both married 21 years after they had first met at that hospital.

And two became one. 

The girl and boy felt so blessed to have married each other's best friend, but their hearts ached for children.

And not just two children.

Quite a few children.

The girl and boy tried and tried and prayed and hoped for children. 

After about 17 months, God heard their cries and blessed them with a child,,,,a girl.

The girl and boy felt so blessed with this beautiful little girl, but also felt that there were more children.

Waiting to be added into their family.

And they hoped and prayed for more.

11 months after that, they were blessed with another beautiful girl.

The boy and girl felt so lucky, yet another soul was tugging at their hearts.

16 months later, they were blessed with a handsome little boy.

The girl and boy had the "conventional family" and if they had been conventional people, they would have been done.

Yet their hearts still pined for more children.

23 months later, they were blessed with twin boys. 

The girl and boy felt incredibly blessed indeed.

The girl and boy felt called to homeschool their children.

The girl and boy were VERY busy with a full house and a full heart.

Yet God whispered the faintest call that there was one more child to be added to their family.

The girl and boy had worries about the girl's health- having to go through one more delivery, since she had had 4 c-sections.

The girl and boy tried to find peace with the beautiful family they had already been blessed with.

But God left tiny reminders of that last child meant to be added to their family.

The girl and boy tried so hard to think with their heads.

But God lead them to follow their hearts.

The girl and boy prayed for one last healthy pregnancy.

And took the plunge.

The girl became pregnant one last time and much joy was felt.

The girl had some bleeding and was brought in for an ultrasound and betas.

The girl had a beautiful, perfectly created 6 week baby, located on a VERY BAD part of her uterus.

Very close to, if not ON c-section scar.

The girl's dr told her to terminate the pregnancy.

The girl and boy felt their hearts sink.

To the lowest of lows.

They felt this life was a blessing from God, like their other children.

And that it wasn't their place to end anyone's life.

God had created this child and let him/her lay where they did.

The girl went in for another ultrasound and another diagnosis that it looked like baby might be miscarrying.

The girl hoped and prayed for God's will in the outcome, no matter what that was.

The girl stopped bleeding, and the betas kept rising.

And another ultrasound loomed in the near future.

With the worst outcome, the girl and boy would be told to terminate.

With the best outcome, the baby would grow dangerously close to c-section scars and girl would be in danger of serious health problems, such as placenta previa/acreta.

The girl and boy prayed with all their might.

And then decided that if God blessed them with the best outcome, they would fight for the life of this baby.

With all they had in them.

The girl and boy had faith that God would carry them through the tough times.

Although the girl and boy were still SCARED of the unknown.

The girl and boy felt very human when they thought of all the risks.

But God's arms wrapped around them and gave them hope.

The girl and boy felt that God had big plans with their little miracle baby. 

And God is the ONE and ONLY true expert of life. 

So now the girl and boy wait and wonder and hope and pray.

And throw themselves at the feet of God, telling Him "where you lead us, we will go"

Many in their shoes would not do the same.

Go so blindly into the deep, dark unknown.

But the boy and girl head off towards a journey.

Their journey.

An unknown journey.

A potentially treacherous journey.

With little for supplies but their Faith.

And love.

And family.

Hoping for God

To hear their prayers

Know their hearts.

Feel their love.

And lead them to a happily ever after.

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