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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Appt tomorrow

FINALLY get to get these darn sutures out.  After almost 3 weeks, my skin is rejecting them majorly, and my skin is starting to rip.  Wicked cool.  My "wonderful" wound care dr didn't seem too bothered by that fact last week though,  *sigh*  We will see what he says about the wound fluid and all,  Its lessened thankfully, and the bottom of my stomach is much less swollen, but I still have a hole in my stomach, where my belly button used to be.  Its opened back up in that area and it goes straight down a good 3-4 cm.  Kinda discouraging, as I have mentioned before, since this surgery was supposed to end all, not give me another big hole to heal up. 1 step forward, 55 steps back.   But whatever...what can I do now but just hope and pray that it heals up, and that I can avoid a dreaded abscess again.  Still have yellow/tan wound fluid, which  makes me nervous, but the fact that it has lessened has given me a *tiny* bit more hope.  Emphasis on tiny.  We'll see what happens with this all tomorrow.

Ansen has yet another cold.  And mysteriously, he is the one to show symptoms first.  Where are we getting these things, since we rarely go out in public places these days.  Thankfully he seems pretty comfortably and its not including a croupy cough like last time.  Today is day 2 (or is that 3) and he sleeps awful at night, wakes up a million times, but I will take take it.  Its nice to see him having a normal time with a cold.  I cancelled his 4 month appt yesterday bc he was sick and I KNEW they would harrass me that he was perfectly fine to get shots, even with a cold.  I hate that they do that....that they make you feel like you are abusing your child if you dare want to wait til your child is healthy before bombarding their bodies with vaccines (and as it is, I only let them do 2 at a time anyways).  So much easier to cancel the appt then fight the harassment!  So as soon as I feel he is good and healthy, I will call back and reschedule another 4 month appt.  I know they think I am one giant inconvenience, but so be it!  I could care less if he catches up to where he is supposed to be in their one size fits all vaccination schedule. 

So thats where we are at.  Just can't wait to get these sutures out!  Every time I get up or move, it feels like I am ripping things apart in there.  Augh.  Will update tomorrow when I hear more from this doctor of mine. 

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