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Thursday, January 14, 2010

the name game...

I am still a tiny bit sad I can't use my Aubry.  But now we need to start the boy's name again, which is practically impossible for us!!!!  We have a few rules.  They are:

1.  Needs to flow well with Kylie, Elise, Caden, Gavin and Rylan (pratice yelling them one after the other to make sure it really fits in there right! ;) )

2.  Needs to have 5 letters.

3.  Needs to use a letter other then K, E, C, G, R, M and D (much easier to label things with one letter in a house with 7 people!)

4.  Has two syllables

5.  *might be optional*  Ends with a -n.  For some reason, our two girls ended up with an -e at the end of their name, while our three boys ended up with a -n...bc I am obsessive like that, it would be nice to keep the trend going but its not a definite (since Aubry broke this rule!)

So just a couple, small, tiny rules.  I have no idea why we have so much trouble finding lists of names that meet all these rules! lol  We have one consideration right now.  Anson Gabriel.  But it doesn't feel like "the one" just yet.  It could end up the one though...who knows.  Gavin was on the maybe list on and off our whole pregnancy and he made the team in the end!  But there is this teeny, tiny part of me that wants to save A just in case we ever could use Aubry in the future.  Although that seems highly unlikely. 

So any suggestions??  Naming boys is just so hard.  I could think of a million girls names we love.  Aubry, Hanna, Danni, Maile....just to name a few.  But boys' names are practically impossible for us.  *sigh*

And the name game continues....

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  1. If Eleanor had been a boy, one of the names we were considering was Cohen. But, that won't work with your whole no two of the same letter thing. Some others -

    Afton (I know one!)