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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just worried...

I was feeling the baby, although infrequently, but often enough not to make me worry too much.   The last time I was CERTAIN I felt the baby was last Wednesday, bc baby was going crazy after dinner and I was excited that maybe I would really start feeling baby now after that.  Since then, I haven't felt anything like that and it most certainly makes me worry.  I have been crazy busy though and always on the move this last bunch of days, but I still just want  to feel something that I am SURE is baby again.  Sometimes I "think" I might have felt something slight, but it could very well just be gas-actually most of ht time, I am fairly certain it turns out to be gas.  I of course feel super guilty bc of how negative I felt about having another boy at first.  I just want to feel my baby do one big kick to reassure me that he is okay.  I love this baby so much and I just hope and pray that everything is allright in there. 

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