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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another reassurance, another symptom...

My heartburn is usually unbearable for my pregnancies.  Its one of my main symptoms usually.  With Elise, I KNEW I was pregnant with her when I suddenly had heartburn again, after 2.5 months without it (yes, I know...we didn't waste any time having our 2nd).  So I have been really surprised that I have been craving hot stuff first of all, and that I can actually tolerate hot stuff, especially when eating it three times a day!!  So this last 2 weeks, I have been feeling a little burn here or there.  And its started to get a little more frequent.  But then last night, I decided I was starving after eating super healthy all day...and Doug brought me home a volcano nacho from Taco Bell.  Well, there is now NO question about it...heartburn is back with a vengeance.  All night, I fell the burn of that darn volcano nacho...and I still feel it this morning.  Yep, its back.  And hopefully that means that baby is doing great in there.  And definately that means its time to go out and buy some jumbo boxes of Tums, bc I am not going to spend another night like last night!    So welcome back heartburn...look forward to the reason why I will have you for the next 7 months!!! 


  1. I despise heartburn, LOL! But I can see how it makes you more reassured!


  2. ooooh, I hope things continue to look up!!! :)