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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If this baby is a girl....

I have thought for a LONG time that my last would be a girl.  A curly haired girl.  And so maybe I am just being TOOO hopeful, but I really think this baby is a girl.  And maybe I am wrong.  Soon enough,  I will be finding out!   None of that "honey, lets have a surprise" stuff for this baby!  So IF by some miracle I am right and this IS the girl on my mind...then her name will be Aubry Gabrielle.  Aubry bc we have loved that name for a few years now (thanks to my friend Diane who helped sway me towards that name when pregnant with the twins).  As for the middle name, we wanted to use our two grandmothers's names in the middle name, since we feel like they are our guardian angels since their passing.  Their names were Helen and Eleanor...but both were nicknamed Ellie.  So we figured we would NOT be using some combination like Heleanor ;) and instead we would stick with plain old Ellie.  Or Elle.  And then I was sitting in church last week and listening to the readings and we read a reading about the angel Gabriel coming down to Elizabeth's husband to bring good news.  Good news that God had heard her prayers and answered her prayers...and that her womb would be opened and she would have a child.  For some reason, I just sat there thinking about how much I have prayed this last year, not knowing whether or not we should/would have this last child.  I prayed for peace in my heart in regards to this child on my heart.  I prayed for a chance that I COULD get pregnant if we did choose to (since the last delivery was pretty crazy after my hemmorhage and my cycles had been pretty wacky since then).  And I prayed for hope that I could make it safely through one more pregnancy, knowing that we could (ultimately would) be high risk depending on where baby implanted.  And God heard my prayers.  And he has answered my prayers.  He has given me peace in my heart.  And a growing baby in my womb.  And faith that I will make it through whatever unknown journeys I still face.  So all the sudden, Gabriel seemed VERY fitting....although Gabrielle seemed MUCH more fitting for a girl.  :)  And the -elle as the ending would honor our grandomther's as well.  So our girl's name is set...and all ready to use.  And so now I eagerly wait to find out if this is really an Aubry I have been feeling all around me the last few years. 

And if it is not an Aubry, boy, do we sure have a LOT of naming work to do!!  We have absolutely NOTHING in the boy's first name department as of yet.  And we have tried coming up with some boy's names just in case, but to no avail.  Why are boy's names so hard for us!!??!??! 


  1. LOL, I already ahve my names picked out. I just have to sell my husband on whichever name when we find out the sex in January b/c right now he's not too attached to either name. I have been getting girl vibes, but i keep trying not to get my hopes up b/c I would hate to be wrong, lol. My girl name is Anna Lourraine. Lou is my mom's middle name and Lorraine is mil's middle name. My boy name is Joseph Harrison. Harrison is my dad's middle name. I would call him Joey. Both Faith and Lucas are bible names, so I thought I'd try and stick w/that trend in first names, and I've been obsessed w/the name Anna since the beginning of the summer. I LOVE the name Audrey! I have a great aunt Audrey whom I adore, but my husband would never go for that name, lol.

  2. Gabrielle was supposed to be baby #1 but alas....lucas came out. Then baby#2 was supposed to be gabrielle but then caleb came out....maybe #3? Love the name :)

  3. Hope you get another little girl, than you'll have 3 of each :)

    When can you find out?


  4. Probably not for another 9 weeks!! Its going to feel like forever!