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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I LOVE my six kids! :)

During this BUSY holiday season, we are just trying to fully appreciate and celebrate the 6 blessings God has granted us!!!  We had an ultrasound yesterday and  our newest/last baby looked great!  Heart rate was 160 bpm and hemmorhage was gone.  Baby was moving all over the place, and then got the hiccups.  That was fun to watch!  And I am most certainly feeling movement now bc I felt baby while seeing baby move on ultrasound!  Nuchal fold measurement was perfectly normal as well.  Placenta is anterior and a little bit over cervix already.  Feeling nervous about that, but certainly feeling ecstatic that my baby that I was told A. I needed to terminate B. I would almost certainly miscarriage is doing so fantastic now.  Its just amazing!!!  Our family certainly has MUCH to celebrate this Christmas season! 

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