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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update on things

So dressings have gone REALLY well for me (vs the wound vac).  A couple times so far, a smell has started and we were able to get rid of it right away with a dressing soaked in Dakins (bleach and baking powder solution).   The smell is usually indicative of some kind of bacteria, and the Dakins kills it quickly and efficiently, whereas with the wound vac, it would all marinate in there for days, seeminly killing my good tissue in that timeframe (since wound vac sponges are only changed every 2/3 days, whereas dressings are changed twice a day).  My wound looks FABULOUS after 11 days after surgery, which is record for me.  I am very happy with all that, although the wound vac people keep calling my nurse, telling her that I "need" that wound vac back on right now.  Blah, whatever. 

Above my wound, they stitched some skin together that is unfortunately not holding up as well.  The stitches are ripping through my skin bc the skin is held together so tightly (a result from having so much skin and tissue taken out the last 5 debridments).  The bottom stitch (on top half) is just barely there now.  Holding on to the tiniest bit of skin left.  My nurse told me to make it hold on, bc she has ordered me an abdominal binder to wear around my middle.  The binder will take the pressure off those stretched areas and help them heal better.  So I have been trying to get up/move around without using my stomach at all....let me tell you that getting up out of a chair not using your middle is almost impossible.  It takes a lot of effort. 

Ansen is still my snuggle bug.  He has started having a cranky hour or two starting at about 630, and even nursing does little at those moments.  The boy can SCREAM!!  The only things that seem to help him
 is someone walking him around for 2 hours (which my mother in law actually enjoys doing) or going for a car ride.  I prefer doing the car ride, but Doug works most nights at that time.  *sigh*  And my mother in law is only over about once a week at that time, so most nights, I just kinda have to deal with the screaming.   If my mom is over, she freaks out and keeps telling me he needs a bottle.  I know this shall pass, I remember fondly going through it with my other kids.  Ansen had a wonderful day yesterday (besides that cranky 2 hours), we hung out outside and he watched his sisters and brothers play and contently snoozed quite a bit in the bouncer.  He still eats all the time, and prefers to be held 24/7.  I hold him on the couch at night after he eats and we sleep together this way (since he is on a monitor that registers any drop of o2, I am not too worried about this setup).  Part of me can't wait til he will sleep next to me and not on me, but then I really enjoy the snuggles, and looking down at his face, with the peaceful content look he has sleeping. 

Oxygen wise, he NEVER needs it at night anymore.  His o2 sats stay at 95 or above the whole night (and day).  Unfortunately, we still need the o2 for our van rides.   His o2 sats are all over the place when he is riding in the van (always while sleeping)....and they dip in the 80's often and alarm.  I think it must be bc
when he is sleeping, his neck crunches up to the side and it must interfere with his breathing just enough.  So every car ride he has the o2, but other then that he is o2 free.  He has an appt with pulmonologist this Tuesday and we will find out what they are planning to do, they said they would try weaning something (hoping its some of these round the clock meds!!)

The kids still absolutely adore him and its always a fight as to who can hold him next.  Kylie was holding him sleeping on her chest this morning, then Elise changed his diaper and outfit, while he calmly/serenely stared up at her, letting her do whatever she needed to.  Then Gavin helped give him his med bottle and "bur burp" him.  Then Caden was holding him for a few minutes.  This baby boy of mine is well loved!    These sweet moments remind me of how worthy this wound is.  It hasn't been easy, but its 110% been worth it for sure. 

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