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Saturday, August 14, 2010

the most held baby in the world!!!

Do I need any more proof??  When I put Ansen down (in the moments that I might need to use the bathroom, make something {easy}for dinner, etc), its a mad dash in regards to who gets to pick up Ansen.  The kids are absolutely smitten with him, and usually a fight will break out over how Kylie held him 9 times, but Caden only held up 7, whereas Elise held him 8 times....yes, they keep track all day!!!   Every one in this family appreciates that Ansen is a gift to us, and it makes my heart burst with joy when I see my bigger kids chilling out, with Ansen cozily snuggled in their arms.  He feels their love.  He feels all our love.  He is surrounded by love.

When I started this whole journey, I didn't fully comprehend how it would affect us, adding this last baby to our family.  Despite our challenges throughout the whole experience (and boy have there been challenges, to this day), Ansen is the dessert to our family, a sweet, delicate, savory dessert.  I can't get enough of him.  Doug can't get enough of him.  The kids can't get enough of him.  We are in love.


  1. Love the pics!! He is well loved!!

  2. How beautiful to hear! You all keep on holding and snuggling him as much as possible, babies thrive on closeness and love.
    The photos are just lovely!

  3. Those pics make my heart melt. Babies can never be held too much, I always say! Ansen looks great! He seems to be growing so fast. I am hoping we can stop by later this fall for a visit... Lord willing... depends on dh's schedule.

  4. that would be wonderful Lisa!!!!! :)