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Friday, August 20, 2010


the nonstop eating of my boy, and what many times feels like nonstop cranking out until he is eating, he has had some moments to show off his newest accomplishment-the SMILE!!!   His smile makes my heart sing-nothing like seeing this gift from God smiling at me, reminding me of how worthy this battle has been.  Not a day goes by that I don't appreciate what a miracle he is to me and our family!

I brought him in to pedi early this week, thinking he might be starting to have thrush, but was told that it was instead cysts on his gums.  They haven't spread, so maybe the dr "was" right (I didn't believe him at first and was waiting for thrush to start spreading like crazy.)  When Ansen got weighed, he weighed close to 12 lbs.  Considering he weighed 10 bs, 6 oz 11 days earlier, I now have a pretty good idea of why he has been eating like a fiend, day after day, hour after hour.  He eats VERY often all day now, and once 8 pm hits, he falls into a deep coma and sleeps for 6-7 hours.  As exhausting as the nonstop eating is, I realize its for a worthy cause, and I appreciate that my nursing days are numbered.  This IS my last baby and I am going to miss all this one day (right?? haha) 

Wound wise, my primary visiting nurse came back from her 11 day vacation, and she said my wound looks fabulous, its much shorter and much of it is just superficial now.  She thinks it won't be "packable" for much longer (there is only one deep spot left, where my belly button used to be...and thats only 2.5 cm deep).  When my wound is too shallow to pack, then we will have to change my treatment plan to just having it covered and washing it off daily with showers.  I could go for that (since right now to take showers, I have to use saran wrap and tape to tape up bandages and its actually not all that fun/I am certainly not willing to take daily showers but of course way more fun then the NO showers I was allowed with wound vac).  My nurse also changed me to once a day (vs the twice a day I have had for like a month).  It is so nice not to have to worry about night visiting nurses coming.  Makes me feel a little bit more normal!  I thought about posting a pic here on my blog of it now (vs. before) but truthfully, I haven't looked at it once myself (except for when it had the wound vac sponge in it way back when).  I just prefer not to see it, but I have Doug tell me all about it after.  I might have Doug take a pic now and save it, and then when its all close, I will post both pics (bc I KNOW everyone is dying to see what a stomach without a bellybutton looks like, I know I am curious myself).  We'll see.  Regardless, I am glad things are still heading in the right (positive) direction.  July was such a horrible wound month, and August has been so much more positive.  I am hoping September will be the month I am finally healed from all this!

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