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Monday, November 1, 2010

Funny enough....

I have been thinking about how I need to take a break from the internet, just live life and enjoy my kids and STEP AWAY from the internet.  Because truthfully, its the first thing I think of checking in the morning and one of the last things I need to check before bed...and then there are the tiny little checkins throughout the day.  So anyways, the last few weeks, I have been back and forth about cancelling our internet and taking a little break (checking in a couple times a week from my Dad's house to get my "fix").  It's hard though to take that final step and get rid of something you greatly enjoy though.  Well God has decided to help me along the decision making path. 

Today our internet provider (Comcast) took out 120 dollars from our bank account.  We only have internet and the most basic of cable (4 dollars a month), so our whole bill is about 30 dollars a month.  We did NOT authorize this payment and we do not have automatic payments or anything like that.  On calling them, we were told that they were authorized the payment of 120 dollars AND that they couldn't tell us who authorized it bc of confidentiality.  Doug talked to THREE people and heard the same thing.  So, I take it as God's hint that we are meant to cancel internet (and ALL services from Comcast) and take a bit of a break.  I will check in a couple times a week from my Dad's, bc I can't give it up cold turkey, but I am guessing that I might be a lot more productive now (when I am not busy with all these kids!)  I am hoping that this break will be good for me and help break me of my internet addiction!  It's a positive thing (although I hope we can get some of our money back-I hae vowed to give more to others in need this year, but Comcast is NOT on that list!!)

Funny how God works.  When you think you can't possibly make this or that decision, He gives you a little shove in that direction.  I think it will certainly be good for us all, to not have the internet SOOOO easily accessible.  Maybe it will help me with some of my "so much to do, so little time to do it in" problem I have lately! 

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  1. Hi it's Kimberly from the Nov 07 DDC (Our Haven). just thinking of you. Glad for the good updates, sucky about comcast