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Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling so blessed...

to have had another Mother's Day to enjoy with my kids.  We didn't do anything special whatsoever, just another normal, boring day....but those are exactly what being a mom is all about.  I feel like I won the lottery, with my 6 beautiful children to mother!!  And yesterday, I took the kids to the park to meet a friend that just had her 4th child (she came to visit Ansen at the NICU and told me that day that his journey had inspired her to have her 4th child that she had been flip flopping in her head about having-her daughter is now ~2 months old).  And yesterday she told me she was now considering a 5th. That she didn't feel her family was complete.  Now that is a nice Mother's Day present.  Because for most people, my large family inspires them to use birth control.  Seriously.  This world isn't made comfortable for a 6 kid family.  2 kids is deemed rather perfect to most.  One of the main things I hear is along the lines of our number of children  "well thats nice, I would have liked another, but we only have the money/energy/future plans/sanity for two".  With 6 kids, we certainly rarely have any extra money, we certainly go minute by minute in regards to "planning" things, we aren't able to give our kids the world (or fancy clothing, fancy electronics, or yearly Disney/cruise vacations) and my sanity is tested OFTEN.  But I am blessed.  With 6 of the only treasures I will ever have that can come to Heaven with me.  I will probably be dirt poor for the rest of my life because of these 6 of mine, and crazy busy to boot, but I feel like a millionaire in my heart.   I have 6 riches that  money can't buy.   And to have my friend want to hang out with us somewhat regularly, and then for her to say that the thought of 5 children is now speaking to her heart...well its a nice change from what I hear every other day of the year.  Not that I think that everyone should have 5 or 6 children a piece, but I think everyone should make the decision on their family size from their heart and not from their head (because the head has a way of convincing you that the good life=money, beautiful things, elaborate plans).  I am not immune to the longings of my head....I too dream of a bigger house, and bigger vacations, and a nice bedroom set, and Hanna Andersson clothing for my kids, etc.  But then I am reminded daily as to what truly matters...when I am 80, what will I be most proud of in regards to what I accomplished?  And I am pretty sure that the pretty things/big plans won't count for much when its time for me to meet my Maker.  But thats just me.

Happy belated Mother's Day....hope everyone enjoyed a day with their most valued treasures as well! :)

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